Dr. Granularus Presents: "CHOICE-GRANULAR"

by Steve Zieba

Hi Folks,

Currently, collectors and investors are paying large premiums for early copper coins with hard, glossy surfaces. Often available for a fraction of the cost of "high-end" items, granular coins offer the collector/investor an exciting alternative. Granular coins have a soft, matte-like appearance which lends a richness and warmth to early copper coinage (some have said this is similar to the look of matte proofs). Historically, we believe these pieces better represent the time-worn ravages of age associated with these beautiful early coppers. We recommend choice granular early coppers as an addition to any serious numismatic portfolio.


Granularity Rating Scale

5Light microscopic granularity
6Light, evenly granular
7Moderately granular
8Heavily granular, verging on porous
9Moderately porous, a real head-turner!
10Ultra-heavy porosity, stunning!

Below is a selection of some of our latest acquisitions:

1787ConnecticutDraped Bust LeftMedium Greyish-Brown5 P.O.R.
1788ConnecticutHead LeftDeep Olive Brown8 P.O.R.
1786New JerseyHorse's Head RightBright and Brassy7 P.O.R.

As most items are one-of-a-kind, phone reservations are greatly appreciated.

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[1] Unique Grading Systems of Early American Coppers. Zieba, Steve. The Willamette Coin Club Bulletin, Portland, Oregon, July 1993. p. 3.

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