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By popular demand, this page describes the different versions of the Pedigree Website Package; specifically, what changed from version to version.  You can use this to compare with the version you currently have versus the newest version available, to understand what you would get if you went through the effort of upgrading.

The records are not entirely complete, but it's the most information I have on hand.

Version Number

Date Released

Changes Made

4.7.6 1 Jan 2008 In the Pedigree w/out Links layout, moved the photo (if one is available) to the top.  Added the ability to generate a Pedigree w/out Links, Breeding Info, and Trial Pedigree without using index numbers by instead supplying an exact search pattern and the "op=pedigree" parameter.  Previously only a Pedigree w/ Links and Reverse Pedigree could be done that way.  This suggestion came from Marjolein Idzes.


30 Oct 2007

Added a work-around for most (but not all) of the Windows NT "CWD problem".  This change requires the database files be located in the same folder where the scripts reside (which is good security practice anyway).  Also turned off the use of "" library by default; too many people's webservers don't support it (for those few who do, you can turn it back on in "" if you want).


18 Jul 2007

Incorporated a new Pedigree w/out Links layout, per R. Lynn Shell's suggestions.  Necessitated modifying font color handling again.


16 Jul 2007

Fixed handling of font colors, especially on web sites that use dark backgrounds.


9 Jul 2007

Plugged another hacker vulnerability (thanks again to Didier for discovery).  Changed the Perl interpreter path declaration (“shebang”) to align to that more commonly used by ISPs ("/usr/bin/perl" instead of "/usr/local/bin/perl").  Also fixed (removed the extra) parameter causing an error in gethostbyname function call (older Perl versions didn't care, but newer ones are tending to be more strict).


5 Aug 2006

Plugged a vulnerability that would allow a hacker to easily get the entire contents of the database.  (Credits to Didier Houbrechts for identifying the exploit).


1 May 2004

Much more robust web crawler/harvester/robot blocking (but not fool-proof), and "suspicious harvester detection" email feature.  It felt like time to change the version number.


21 Feb 2004

Fixed a bug that prevented an animal's "Data Owner" email address and web site URL from appearing at the bottom of the page.


16 Nov 2003

Fixed a bug (introduced in version 4.6.27) in "" that prevented login/security from working properly.


18 Oct 2003

Fixed a subtle bug in the processing of animal gender which resulted in incorrect displays in Trial Pedigrees.  This version also has a work-around for the "undefined is Undefined" error which affects Internet Explorer versions earlier than version 6.0, especially on Macintoshes (whose latest version available is 5.5).


9 Oct 2003

Added new fields "Name" and "Affiliation" to "" login screen.


30 Dec 2002

Made "sire X dam" information display a configurable on/off option.  Fixed another bug in the display of siblings and half siblings categories.


29 Dec 2002

Make sure Reverse Pedigree option is not displayed if the database administrator has not created a BRW file (prevents error message).  In Breeding Info page, fix bug in the display of siblings and half siblings categories.  Added blocker for web crawlers named "WebCrawler".


13 Nov 2002

Fixed yet another bug that was making Trial Pedigree page not work quite correctly.  Added blocker for web crawlers, first one named "iCollect".


30 Oct 2002

Added "sire X dam" information display to search results and Breeding Info pages.  Also, fixed yet another bug that was making Trial Pedigree page not work quite correctly. 


28 Oct 2002

Added HTTP "escaping" to character strings in links.  Some names with spaces or punctuation symbols (like apostrophes) were causing bugs for people using Netscape browsers.


24 Sep 2002

Added reverse pedigrees.  Separated half breedings into "sire side" half breedings and "dam side" half breedings categories.


23 Jun 2002

Fixed a bug where the Trial Pedigree page was not working correctly.


23 Jun 2002

Fixed a bug where the link for Trial Pedigree was not created correctly.


23 Jun 2002

On paginated search hits page, added feature to show "Previous" and "Next" links.


22 Jun 2002

Added faster European character folding algorithm.  Added "max search hits displayed per page" pagination feature.  Added "change browser caption bar" feature to contain page title of current pedigree displayed.  Split out HTTP header and footer display as separate procedures.


30 Mar 2002

Common code separated out to "".  Configuration separated out to "".  Customizations by Kris Willison (especially nicer, more informative display of search results and page color formatting options).  Fast Search by keyword.  Command option to display pedigrees using name match rather than index number.  New version of logview that doesn't require reverse DNS.  Login security feature.  Palm Pilot edition.


11 Mar 2001

Added Breeding Info, Trial Pedigrees, and WAP Phone edition.


27 Aug 1998

First web script version.  Only shows Pedigree with Links.


15 July 2001

Highest version of the Windows release.


28 Jun 1998



11 Jun 1998

First Windows release.


16 May 1995

Highest version of the DOS release.


11 Mar 1987

Highest version of the Unix release.

Changes last made on: Tue 1 Jan 2008 5:04 PM PST.